At JSM IRONWORKS customer satisfaction is our priority. In order to ensure a clear agreementand understanding of the JSM IRONWORKS Terms and Conditions please review the following.All our products are priced out of Carrollton Texas, shipment options are available.The method of payment is with credit card and check.


JSM IRONWORKS guarantees that all our products sold through our platform will be freefrom defect in material and craftsmanship. Products are hand forged and hand finished in ourfactory. Minor differences in these products are normal and to be expected to achieve the “handforged” look, so this will not be considered a defect. JSM IRONWORKS are not meant to beperfect that’s part of the hand-crafted products beauty.


5-year warranty on structural and mechanical defects on all door frames, doors andtransoms. The door is covered for a period of 5 years from the date of sale to thecustomer. This will have to be reviewed and authorized by production manager and salesrepresentative. Shipping charges may apply.


The paint and finish was professionally applied in our own facility and is warrantied for 2 years form the date of sale to the customer. This will have to be reviewed and authorized by production manager and sales representative. This excludes scratches, since knowing that his is a heavy product that will endure shipping,installation and construction process, scratches are most likely to happen but can be serviced by one of our installers.


The glass is covered for 1 year from the date of sale to the customer. This excludes scratches and broken glass. This will have to be reviewed and authorized by production manager and sales representative.


Our handles and warranty specifications may be verified on each handle brand terms and conditions. This excludes scratches, since knowing that his is a heavy product that will endure shipping, installation and construction process, scratches are most likely to happen.

We ask you to keep in mind that exposure to natural elements and frequent use is expected to cause JSM IRONWORKS doors, windows, and other product’s to naturally age, scratches and rust may appear with usage overtime but can and must be serviced by customer.

We do advice to keep units clean from water, or any chemical products and suggest asking your sales representative on the best way to clean your unit before proceeding.


Lead time is estimated, never guaranteed JSM IRONWORKS works with a third-party logistics provider and product being handcrafted both are factors that won’t allow us to guarantee an accurate delivery date until door is with destined delivery carrier and he confirms with customer on an agreed delivery date.


During installation there will be some disturbance and dust. You are advised to clear each room and access to it before our installers arrive. We cannot accept responsibility for damage to any of your possessions left in the room in which we are working.

We will make good any plaster, floor, brickwork or rendering immediately surrounding any installation, but we cannot undertake to repair damage to surrounding tiling, wallpaper or paintwork or to remove intact any panes of glass or frames from old fittings which you have asked us to retain.

We will endeavor to ensure any making-good matches existing finishes we will not be able to guarantee this, particularly where weathering has occurred or because of non-availability of matching materials.

It may not be possible for our surveyor to detect any structural instability or defect in your property. We will not be liable for any damage resulting from existing structural or other defects in your property. If structural problems are discovered to exist, you must still pay the price in full even if we are not able to complete the installation in the way envisaged. If we have to alter the installation because of structural problems an additional charge may be made.


JSM IRONWORKS doors, windows are wrapped properly once shipped and or installed so JSM IRONWORKS will not be made responsible for any scratches or dents caused by mistreated products or a unit unwrapped incorrectly. If dents or damage to unit is made by carrier or installers, please contact your sales representative to follow up on installs before crew leaves and on delivery before 12 hours of delivery of the unit.

Usage and exposure to various elements can and will affect the product in different ways, JSM IRONWORKS reserves the right to repair or replace the product in question.What this warranty does not cover hardware, weather stripping, labor charges for installation,remove existing doors, handles, damage caused by paint, lacquer thinner, any other technical products, accident, misuse, abuse or any improper damage or installation; glass breakage due to external objects or chemical products and nature. Damaged caused by installing a forged iron door by a non-professional crew. Damage caused by acts of nature may not apply on the warranty.

Color is hand faux finished so every color and unit is unique, warranty will not cover any differences on color if pictures of unit have been approved and unit has been shipped to customer or installed. The guarantee will be invalidated immediately should the product show evidence of impact, mishandling or tampering, unnatural chemical corrosion or use contrary to its intended purpose. This excludes required general maintenance of the product.


JSM IRONWORKS charges 50% before sending any unit to production and 50% before unit is shipped out or installed. We reserve the right to sell the unit with no money returns if it is not claimed once ready for more than 3 months.


JSM IRONWORKS stands behind the quality of everything we sell and hope you are pleased with your door or any Ironworks product’s, if for any reason you are unsatisfied you can write to one of our representatives to verify your situation and determine how can we help you, but we do not accept returns in any of our custom products. Custom products are final and are not eligible for returns, changes or alterations.

Extreme weather conditions

Insulated iron doors are constructed using steel tubing which is filled with polyurethane foam for insulation. But, in extreme weather conditions when the weather gets freezing cold outside and the thermostat is set to 70º inside the steel itself conducts the heat right around that insulation and out into the atmosphere. In freezing weather iron entry doors may suffer from condensation and even frost on the inside of the door. Therefore, we cannot guarantee against condensation in extreme weather conditions, nor will we be held responsible for any damage resulting from “sweating”/condensation. Consider reducing the humidity in your home. Humidity is caused by the accumulation of moisture that evaporates into the air through the daily activity of showers, bathing, washing dishes, boiling and cooking food on the stove, drying clothes and even simply by breathing. A typical family of 4 will produce approximately 4 pints of water, per person, each day. This is over 100 pints of water a week per person. That is a lot of water and it all goes into the air in your home. Feel free to call our team if you have any further questions or need assistance.  

Returning Policy Exceptions

JSM IRONWORKS goes above and beyond to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We are confident that our efforts will result in your approval and contentment upon receiving your shipment of high-quality iron doors, windows, stair railings, gates, hardware and accessories.Our company is committed to doing everything we can from production to shipping in order to keep our loyal customers satisfied with their purchase. For the rare occasions that you’re not fully satisfied upon receiving your order, please review the following policies and procedures:
- We reserve the right to refuse service or cancel orders by issuing a refund at any time.
- Refunds will be issued by the same method of payment used for the original purchase.


In no event will JSMIRONWORK be liable to clients or anyone else for any incidental,consequential, special or indirect damage. This includes but is not limited to trading losses or damages, or lost profits that result from inconvenience or delay or loss of the use of the information related to this site. Since the limitation or exclusion of incidental or consequential damages is not allowed in certain states, the above-mentioned limitation of liability will not apply in particular jurisdictions or cases.


The client agrees To JSM IRONWORKS harmless from and against any and all liability, claims, losses, costs, and expenses including but not limited to attorneys’ fees that rise from the client’s violation or breach of these Terms and Conditions.